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Equipment Maintenance and Materials Management

(EMMS) Recover every dollar on every type of warranty available including OEM, component, and after-market parts. Ensure reimbursement using our comprehensive claims tracking system. Enable your repair facilities with customized preventive maintenance programs, robust work order processing, and enhanced sublet work management. With an unlimited number of preventive maintenance programs, and multiple interval tracking definitions, vehicle safety and maintenance integrity is maximized, reducing downtime, and resulting in a reliable, cost-effective fleet.

The feature-loaded inventory management module ensures that inventory is properly stocked, purchase orders are processed according to the defined procurement methodology, and every transaction is available for utilization analysis.

Business Owner Access

(BOA) Simply put, BOA is the easiest, most flexible reporting tool available. It’s one thing for a system to store mass amounts of data – it’s another to be able to easily get that data out. The BOA reporting tool comes with hundreds of reports and unlimited flexibility. With BOA each report can be customized by: changing, deleting, and/or adding new search criteria and filters, and changing the layout by moving and/or eliminating columns. Report selections and layouts can be saved for future use, and report distribution can be easily scheduled on a one-time or continuing basis. BOA’s intuitive layout, user tools, and variety of reporting options will provide instant visibility of key performance indicators and operational exceptions, allowing management and executives to make real-time, pro-active decisions.

Fuel Tax Processing

enrich simplifies managing fuel tax records and their associated costs. The fuel tax module will track your fuel receipts, accumulate miles, process trip reports, and fuel tax reporting, permit ordering and FHUT filing.


Is uniquely customized for your actual business process and gives workers the ability to effectively manage breakdowns. The Roadcall emergency response and incident management application allows response teams to react efficiently and confidently to vehicle breakdowns. Guiding workers through step-by-step response procedures, Roadcall reduces errors and minimizes training time. By following the process guides, response teams are able to obtain the information necessary to promptly assess the situation and execute the appropriate response to get your drivers back on the road.

Warehouse facility

Asset Management

In-depth revenue & expense tracking • Detailed capital equipment tracking from planning to procurement continuing through life-cycle management & retirement & disposal

Interacting on mobile phone

Customer Web Access

Reporting tool with over 50 reports • Instant customers to business-critical data • Customizable customer permissions • Invoice details • Vehicle breakdown status • A/R balances • Unit history

Calculator with paper graphs

Financial Management

Be empowered with accurate business-critical data • Immediate GL, AP, & AR transaction posting • Accelerated month & year-end financial closures • Multi-company statements

Computer keyboard

Premium Forms

Reduce printing, mailing, & overhead costs • Preventive maintenance notification letters • Statements • Purchase orders • Customer-branded invoices

Software as a Service (SAAS)

The full functionality of the enrich program is securely available over the Internet. With minimal technical requirements, enrich can be deployed cost effectively at all of your locations. The requirements to set up each location are no more than an appropriate Internet connection scaled to the location, along with computers and printers based on the needs of your location.

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Up and running again in 24 hrs... In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the AA NationaLease corporate location in Long Island City, NY. The ensuing flood destroyed our Server that hosted the Enrich data to operate our business. We were up and running within 24 hours of Enrich receiving our tape backup data. We decided to contract with Enrich to host our data on an ongoing basis.

Paul Lanciotti, Controller at AA NationaLease

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A+ Company and Relationship! Enrich greatly improved our ability to track cost and revenue on a real-time basis and reduced the time and effort to turn data into actionable information.

Sharon Veasey, CFO at Interstate NationaLease

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You’ve nailed the spec! Everything I ever mentioned as a BOA suggestion is there with better filtering, saved searches, defaults, user roles, user level defaults and scheduling.  This is the best example yet of a good idea's solid first version taking an enormous leap to being a must have tool based on user feedback.  I can’t think of an area you missed.

John Reed, Vice President – IT at Aim NationaLease