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Asset Management

enrich pulls together every revenue dollar and every expense to give you the true profit and loss of every profit center, location, customer, and unit. Track your capital equipment from planning to procurement, continuing through life-cycle management and, finally, retirement and disposal. Leverage your capital equipment investment with the tools to effectively manage your asset base through purchase orders, approvals, specifications, financing and depreciation.

Customer Web Access

(CWA) With over 50 reports, your customers will have instant access to their business-critical data without manual intervention by your staff. You determine what and who within your customer’s organization can view their accessible data. CWA reports include invoice details, unit history, A/R balances, and up-time results. CWA also allows customer actions such as updating odometer readings and approving or rejecting repair estimates.

Financial Management

Empowering executives with business-critical data, enrich Financials enables proactive budgetary short- and long-term decisions to be made in real-time. With drill-down capabilities and immediate GL, AP, & AR transaction posting, month- and year-end financial closures are completed within days of period end. Analyzing and dissecting financial data is easily achieved with the ad hoc report writer tool, allowing users to customize their own financial statements, including the ability to roll multiple companies’ statements into one.

Lease/Rental Management

With enrich, no data has to be entered twice. It’s time to deploy software that has been designed for the unique needs of the full-service lease and rental industry. enrich integrates your contract terms into all aspects of your business. Billing is precise and timely, and billable items are automatically identified. Lease contracts are defined with CPI increases, permit allowances, maintenance inclusions and exclusions, fixed and variable rate escalations, and more. Rental functionality includes equipment availability, rental reservations and agreements with credit & insurance checking and driver license management.

Bar code scanner

Bar Coding

Encrypted order numbers & line activity in the barcodes for work orders • Printable parts & shelf labels for easy entry of parts during work order & inventory count processing

Sand timer on computer keyboard

Electronic Time Keeping

Real-time employee task time recording • Accurate data capture • Integrated payroll systems • Work order time tracking • Precise overtime, training, sick days & vacation time tracking

Factory inspection

Equipment Maintenance and Materials Management

Aftermarket parts cost recovery • Inventory management • Reimbursement claims tracking system • Customized preventive maintenance programs • Robust work order processing

Fuel Pump

Fuel Billing

Definable customer & unit fuel markups • Quick & easy fuel invoicing • Automatic fuel ticket association with trip records • Streamlined reconciliation process

Software as a Service (SAAS)

The full functionality of the enrich program is securely available over the Internet. With minimal technical requirements, enrich can be deployed cost effectively at all of your locations. The requirements to set up each location are no more than an appropriate Internet connection scaled to the location, along with computers and printers based on the needs of your location.

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Up and running again in 24 hrs... In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the AA NationaLease corporate location in Long Island City, NY. The ensuing flood destroyed our Server that hosted the Enrich data to operate our business. We were up and running within 24 hours of Enrich receiving our tape backup data. We decided to contract with Enrich to host our data on an ongoing basis.

Paul Lanciotti, Controller at AA NationaLease

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A+ Company and Relationship! Enrich greatly improved our ability to track cost and revenue on a real-time basis and reduced the time and effort to turn data into actionable information.

Sharon Veasey, CFO at Interstate NationaLease

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You’ve nailed the spec! Everything I ever mentioned as a BOA suggestion is there with better filtering, saved searches, defaults, user roles, user level defaults and scheduling.  This is the best example yet of a good idea's solid first version taking an enormous leap to being a must have tool based on user feedback.  I can’t think of an area you missed.

John Reed, Vice President – IT at Aim NationaLease