Enrich PTF 641 Available

Enrich is pleased to launch PTF Release 641. There are a number of improvements in this release, including:

    • When creating a finance lease schedule, you can now select an interest calculation method and enter the monthly payment amount and the start payment date.
    • The customer, customer class, and facility/shop price books now allow pricing by super equipment type.
    • Standard billing hours can be defined at the equipment type/super equipment type level for both customer and VMRS standard billing hours.
    • A new function key on the Inventory for Warehouse display screens leads to a new display that lists any or all vendor part numbers that exist, regardless of whether they are set as primary or not.
    • You can select the invoices for ACH based on the Customer Type attached to the Customer Master, or by Payment Terms Code.

Complete information about the PTF 641 release can be found in the Highlights document and the Enrichments document.

Please contact the Help Desk at 403-297-1682 or help@richer.ca if you have any questions or would like to schedule your upgrade.